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Interesting Stock* from Polish Market

My educational portfolio*, updated weekly, the current state at 08/06/2022

StockDate of inceptionPerformance since inceptionWig index since inceptionSp500 since inception
11 bit studios19/12/2021-3.7%-16.3%-9.9%
Arctic Paper12/02/2022+57%-15.1%-6.5%
Vigo System27/02/2022-18.9%-8.2%-5.8%
Pure Biologics13/03/2022-17.2%-6.6%-1.8%
Brand 2418/04/2022-3.75%-11.1%-6.3%
Auto Partner S.A.02/05/222-3.3%-3.8%-0.96%
Average Stock Performance since inceptionAverage Wig performance since inceptionAverage SP500 performance since inception

*Disclaimer: The portfolio is kept for educational purpose only. The information presented in my analyses are private opinions of the author and do not constitute investment recommendations within the meaning of the Regulation of the Minister of Finance of October 19, 2005 on information constituting recommendations regarding financial instruments, their issuers or issuers (Journal of Laws of 2005, No. 206, item 1715). The author is not responsible for any investment decisions made on the basis of the material contained on this website and the reader makes investment decisions at his own risk.

Polish Stock Market

Polish stock market exist from 1991 and  is not only about banks and cyclical commodities,  we all know it. In this site you can find particular stock ideas of interesting Polish stocks listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange.  More importantly by investing in growing companies in Poland you could  contribute to the emerging market economy, and also diversify your portfolio. Let begin this journey together, remember investing as learning is not a sprint but a marathon.

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Here you can find

  • Couples individual stock ideas, this list is verified on monthly, bi weekly basis  Here we focus on growing companies with real profit and real cash on balance sheet. The investing horizon is couple of months till the fundamentals change.
  •  All stock have verifiable mektris, this could be easily verified since Poland belongs to EU accounting metriks.

What could you learn and find here

  • More knowledge about emerging market and particular Polish stocks
  • Low noise level we summarize in our opinion the most important and verifiable information
  • Here we focus on small companies overlooked by analytics (there are too small for them) where individual investors after doing his due diligence can beat the benchmark.
  • This site is for individual investors hat understands that investing is the marathon not a sprint, investing is process not an event


Polish Stock Exchange photo. Chlestowski Adam